HGR Endistriyèl sipli ak konsèpteur mèb lokal yo ogmante plis pase $ 600 pou soulajman siklòn

44 Steel biwo
Biwo Jason Radcliffe nan 44 Steel

3 Barn Doors table for HGR Industrial Surplus hurricane-relief auction

Wouj pousyè & Lòt 4 lèt mo lanp tab
Tab lanp pa Larry Fielder nan rouye, pousyè tè & Lòt 4 lèt mo

HGR donated items from its showroom to three local furniture designers – 44 Steel, 3 Barn Doors and Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words. These designers took their materials to IngenuityFest 2017 and did a live build of a desk, a table, and a reading lamp and table. The three pieces were auctioned through HGR’s eBay site and raised $606 that is being donated to Fresh Arts, a nonprofit arts organization in Houston, Texas, that is funding the Immediate Disaster Relief Fund for Texas Artists to help artists in the area rebuild after the hurricane. Thanks to everyone who participated for this good cause!


Jwenn konnen yon zou vet teknoloji vire fabrikan: Yon Q & A ak David D'Souza

David D'Souza with gorilla at the Los Angeles Zoo

   What do you do for a living?

I’m actually a veterinary technician at the zoo in Los Angeles. I’ve always been an animal lover, and I’ve worked with animals since I was 16. It’s such an exciting and often dangerous job that it keeps me sharp and motivated. Every day is an adventure. I would honestly do it for free, but luckily it pays enough for me to enjoy my other hobbies.

How and why did you get into welding, art and making?David D'Souza welding

Speaking of my other hobbies, many of them center around motorsports. I’ve always enjoyed building fast cars, trucks and bikes. Welding is a necessary skill in fabricating many high-performance parts and “one of” custom setups; so, I had to pick up welding both MIG and TIG along the way. Once I immersed myself in the metal fabrication hobby It quickly developed into a real passion and from it my creative side started to blossom.

What types of items do you design and make?

I typically design and create industrial-style items, as well as a few more delicate things. Custom tables are my favorite along with mobile carts and other heavy items. Almost everything I design incorporates a blend of heavy steel and wood. I particularly like building butcher block or farmhouse-style slabs and mounting them on industrial steel frames. I like playing with different wood finishes such as epoxy resins. I feel that wood has a warm, deep beauty that is brought to light if the correct finishing technique is used.

David D'Souza cartDavid D'Souza TableDavid D'Souza chicken feet potsDavid D'Souza book endsDavid D'Souza industrail coffee table

How do you market or sell your creations? Do you attend shows?

I haven’t focused on the marketing or selling aspect too much until recently. This is still mainly a hobby, and I’m constantly learning and improving. I recently started Red Dogs Crafts, and I currently only have an Etsy website as a marketing tool. I do plan on becoming a vendor at a few local flea markets here in Los Angeles to see if I can find a target audience for my style of fabrication. I plan on attending a few shows to get some ideas of what other fabricators are doing out there. I love seeing new ideas and techniques because it motivates me to learn more.

Ki jan ou fè aprann fè sa a?

I’m 100-percent self-taught in everything that I do. I’ve never taken classes, had a mentor or worked in the industry to have someone show me the ropes. I believe I’m a fast learner in anything that I do, and I also know that I learn best when I do things on my own by making mistakes and doing my own research on different techniques. Nowadays, with the Internet and YouTube there isn’t anything that you cannot learn online. Heck, there’s even YouTube videos on how to do cardiac surgery for that first timer doing a valve replacement. LOL. My usual mode of action is to buy the tool first then figure out how it works and then practice until I’m proficient at it or at least achieve the end results that I can be proud of.

Ki sa ki atis, konsèpteur oswa mizisyen fè ou pi admire?

I like Kevin Caron’s work. I think he’s very practical and down to earth with his techniques. He’s also a wealth of knowledge and experience; so, I respect his abilities and his work because he’s constantly learning like the rest of us. He’s also on the WeldingWeb forum where I met HGR for the first time; so, he adds to the knowledge base, as do many other experienced guys.

Ki sa ki enspire ou?

I think I’m inspired by the challenge of creating something that I visualize in my mind and having to physically take the steps to make it materialize to as close a rendition of what I see in my mind’s eye. I feel that many people love certain things but always feel that they’re unattainable either because it’s too difficult, it’s too much work or they just can’t figure out how to do it. I love figuring out how to do new stuff. That is what inspires and motivates me.

Kisa ou fè lè ou pa yo ap travay oswa fè atizay?

Whenever I have free time I spend my time pursuing my other hobbies. Typically, I’m out in the deserts of Southern California riding my dirt bikes or drag racing my cars. I think the feeling of being on two wheels ripping through our beautiful landscape gives me the exhilaration that I’m constantly chasing. I also enjoy spending time outdoors at the beach with my two dogs and my girlfriend. Sometimes, I just love my family time staying home with my girlfriend and the dogs just relaxing.

What advice do you have for makers?

My advice is that you can go as far in this hobby/profession as you choose. It’s all dependent on the effort that you put into it. I would advise anyone starting in the hobby to take classes first. I think this would set you up with a good fundamental foundation which would expose you to the different techniques, tools and options out there which would then allow you to make intelligent choices going forward with the hobby. Being that I’m self-taught, I feel that I’ve gone around in circles a few times and would have wasted less time had I gained the experience a class provides. Also, if you can work in the industry do so, even as a volunteer. It’s invaluable the skill you develop by immersing yourself into the industry.

Ki sa ki se filozofi pèsonèl ou?

I’ve never been asked this question before so I’ll have to think of one now. I think of life as a journey that is based on choices or decisions. Every decision we make has an effect on the direction that our life takes. If we make good decisions early in life, we are started on a path to success or happiness. I realized the consequences of my decisions in my late 20s and it was at that point that I started in the direction that I’m headed now. My philosophy would probably be something along the lines that life is a constant test of your character. If you make good choices based on good character you’ll be on the path to success and happiness in whatever you pursue.

Anything that I missed? The two red dogs?

Ah, my babies. “ShyAnne” and her daughter “Lil Cheese.” These are my two red dogs. A mom and daughter pair that have been part of my life for the last 15 years. ShyAnne has been by my side through thick and thin and good and bad. It’s amazing how having a strong bond with your dogs can keep you positive through so many difficult times in life. These two are a part of everything I do. Hence, I decided to name the fabrication shop after them as they are a part of everything I build. I’m glad to have my workshop at home because it allows me to spend time with my two dogs while I’m building stuff. I take lots of breaks to play ball with them and build cool dog toys to keep them occupied. In return, they only ask for more of my attention, and treats, which I am always glad to give.

David D'Souza's two Red Dogs after which Red Dog Crafts is named

Majistra Euklid ak inisyativ pataje sipèentandan lekòl yo ak kominote a

Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail at Euclid Chamber of Commerce Community Leaders Breakfast 2017On Oct. 17, a full house of Euclid-area residents and businesspeople gathered in the meeting room of the Euclid Public Library for the Euclid Chamber of Commerce’s Community Leaders Breakfast. First, Kacie Armstrong, library director, said a few words about the purpose of the library in the community. Next, Sheila Gibbons, Euclid Chamber of Commerce executive director, announced upcoming chamber events and introduced a representative from the breakfast’s sponsor, Allstate Insurance Agent Bill Mason.

The first guest speaker was Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail. She addressed three areas of focus for the city: economic development, safety and building a vibrant community. Some recent and future projects in the city that bring in new investment and tax dollars for the city include 1,000 new jobs being created with the demolition of Euclid Square Mall and new construction of an Amazon distribution center, the creation of a technology center at Lincoln Electric and surrounding streetscape at E. 222nd St. and St. Clair Ave., a 25,000-square-foot expansion at Keene Building Products, a 40,000-square-foot expansion at American Punch Co., an expansion of Rick Case Honda, a groundbreaking for an O’Reilly auto parts store, and planned expansions to Irie Jamaican Kitchen and Mama Catena.

The second initiative, safety, includes promotions, new hires, training and community-education opportunities for the fire and police departments. Finally, building a vibrant community encompasses community cleanup, recycling, beautification and improvement grants. On Nov. 2, the city will unveil its master plan draft to the Planning & Zoning Department.

The second community leader to speak was Euclid City Schools’ Superintendent Charlie Smialek. He introduced a number of school employees in attendance as well as three Euclid High School Euclid City Schools Superintendent Charlie Smialek at Euclid Chamber of Commerce Community Leaders Breakfast 2017students. Then, he went through a presentation on the district’s vision that included a new Fab Lab to be built as part of the Early Learning Center to introduce science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction in grade school. It will be one of only two early learning Fab Labs in the nation. He also discussed technology programming at the high school and an update on the campus construction project that is underway for scheduled completion in 2020.

Both speakers fielded questions from the audience and gave a plug to support Cuyahoga Community College’s November 2017 bond, Issue 61 to update aging buildings.

Ki kalite patwon se HGR? Q & Yon ak Depatman Resevwa HGR la

HGR Endistriyèl sipli k ap resevwa Depatman

(Koutwazi Rick Hawkins, sipèvizè sipèvizè HGR)

Ki sa ki depatman ou fè?

Objektif prensipal Depatman Resepsyon an se pou san danje epi avèk presizyon resevwa ak prepare machandiz nou fèk ap rantre pou vann. Objektif nou se reyalize objektif prensipal la ansanm ak garanti ke nou prezante kliyan nou yo ak enpresyon ki pi bon posib premye nan machandiz nou an. Pwosè Anpil pran plas yo nan lòd yo prepare sipli nou an pou vann: dechaje, peze, klasman, ekspedye, montre, ak envantè yo se pwosesis ki fini anvan yo vann. Nou bay choroum nou yo ak lavant asosye ak machandiz pare-a-vann sou yon baz chak jou.

Konbyen moun ki travay nan depatman ou a, ak ki sa yo wòl yo?

Depatman k ap resevwa a opere sou de orè pou ede akomode volim nan gwo livrezon chak jou. Gen kat operatè forklift pa chanjman ki dechaje ak prepare tout bagay pou pwosesis envantè a. Gen kat grefye envantè, de ekspeditè yo, ak ofisye a prix chèf. Resevwa tou travay kole kole ak Depatman an be, Depatman Resiklaj ak koòdonatè yo lojistik. Ansanm, nou travay nan direksyon yon objektif komen; chak pozisyon ak tout responsablite jwe yon wòl enpòtan nan rezilta a fen vle: kliyan kè kontan, fournisseurs kè kontan, lavant bon, ak pwosperite pou tout moun.

Ki sa ki kalifikasyon ou bezwen gen siksè nan depatman ou a?

Moun ki gen pwòp motivasyon pou reyalize objektif, moun ki peye atansyon sou detay, ak moun ki trè òganize ap reyisi nan Depatman Resevwa.

Kisa ou renmen ki pi sou depatman ou a?

Lefèt ke chak atik yon sèl nan choroum prèske 600,000-kare-pye nou an te trete nan Depatman Resevwa a se yon feat trè etonan yo konsidere. Chak atik ki disponib ak chak tranzaksyon lavant depann sou efò yo nan moun ki nan depatman nou yo. Lè ou konnen kontribisyon an ke depatman nou an fè nan tout konpayi an se agréables.

Ki difikilte te depatman ou te fè fas, e ki jan ou kraze fo pwofèt yo?

Mwen te ak konpayi an depi jou pi bonè li yo. Mwen te wè ak te yon pati nan evolisyon an ak ka ateste reyalizasyon yo gwo nou te reyalize sou tan. Nenpòt konpayi gremesi dwe dispoze adapte ak amelyore pwosesis pou akomode kwasans. Nou toujou ap fè efò pou amelyorasyon nan efikasite ak pwodiktivite. Te gen yon tan lè yon pwogram 10- chaje kamyon te prèske enposib. Koulye a, yon orè 10-loadload konsidere kòm yon jou limyè. Anpil bagay te chanje pandan ane yo. Amelyorasyon òganizasyon, pwosesis rafine, pi bon fòmasyon anplwaye, ogmante gwosè depatman, wots adisyonèl, ak efektivman itilize espas ki disponib yo ogmante anpil kapasite yo nan depatman nou yo ak biznis nou an, an jeneral.

Ki chanjman nan chemen an depatman ou biznis te fèt nan ane ki sot pase?

Kòm enplisit pa youn nan senk valè senk debaz konpayi nou an (dedikasyon pèsonèl amelyore kontinyèl nan kreye anplwaye ak siksè konpayi), nou toujou ap en, adapte, ak amelyore. Pandan ane ki sot pase kèk chanjman yo te fèt: fè pwomosyon kilti konpayi, gwo reparasyon bilding, trete li tankou li nan inisyativ ou, plizyè anplwaye-rekonesans pwogram, ak aplikasyon règleman sekirite. Tout moun nan chanjman sa yo ak amelyorasyon nan konpayi an te kreye yon anviwònman travay pi byen epi li ajoute nan fondasyon biznis nou an pou kwasans nan lavni. Pi gwo chanjman ki sot pase nan Depatman k ap resevwa a te adisyon de operasyon dezyèm chanjman k ap resevwa yo. Sa a te rive sou kat ane de sa e li te yon tantativ pou soulaje konjesyon anplwaye, pwolonje resevwa èdtan, ak amelyore pwodiksyon an. Rezilta a te ogmante pwodiksyon, mwens trafik forklif ak yon anviwònman travay ki an sekirite, ak plis ankò pou akomode k ap resevwa èdtan.

Ki sa ki pwosesis amelyorasyon kontinyèl ou espere aplike nan lavni an?

Mwen enterese nan senplifye kèk nan pi gran pwosesis nou yo ak itilize teknoloji ki disponib pou amelyore efikasite. Nou te vini yon fason lontan, men ap toujou gen plas pou amelyorasyon.

Ki sa ki nan anviwònman jeneral HGR a tankou?

HGR pa sèlman vann machin yo, nou se yon machin, ak yon juggernaut nan yon machin nan sa! Tout moun ki enplike isit la konnen ke li pran yon anpil efò ak swen pou kenbe machin sa a opere ak presizyon. Nan mond endistriyèl-sipli, nou se yon antite masiv. Sa a se yon anviwònman vit-ritm kote bagay sa yo regilyèman chanje sou avi yon ti moman an. Choroum nou an se yon vout tout tan ki chanje nan nouvo arive ak pi gran ekipman ki te plis redwi nan pri. HGR se yon plas kote ou ka jwenn kliyan antouzyasm élimination zile nou yo pran avantaj de kontra enkwayab nou yo ak yon plas kote anplwaye a se byen vèrs nan reyalize objektif ak bay nan sèvis kliyan ekselan.

Ki sa ki se pèspektiv ou sou fabrikasyon, sipli, rekiperasyon envestisman / pwodwi lavi sik / ekipman resiklaj?

Osi lontan ke gen konsomatè yo ak demand pou pwodwi, pral gen machin, manifaktirè yo ak konpetisyon bay demand sa yo. Osi lontan ke gen konpetisyon nan mitan manifaktirè yo, pral gen plis avanse, plis presi, pi vit machin yo te devlope. Manifaktirè yo tèt yo vin konsomatè nan yon mache konpetitif. Bezwen pou evolisyon nan manifakti ak jeni machin ap kenbe bezwen pou nouvo ak itilize ekipman k ap vire. Ap toujou gen yon mache pou itilize ekipman kòm nouvo, e biznis agrandi chache fè konpetisyon, amelyore, ak evolye nan vle di yo.

HGR sipòte Mwa Konsantman Kansè nan Tete

think pink breast cancer awareness logo

Here at HGR Industrial Surplus, we think pink, even when we’re driving forklifts! In order to increase awareness of breast cancer and honor those who have had or are currently fighting breast cancer. During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our employees are wearing pink bracelets, and our forklift operators are placing pink bows on their forklifts. We’ll also be “going pink” and wearing our pink at the end of the month, as well as reminding our family and friends to make their mammogram appointments.

pink bows on HGR forklifts for Breast Cancer Awareness MonthHGR Industrial Surplus administrative staff support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Gramè konsèy: Ki moun ki vs ki moun

HGR Industrial Surplus Grammar Tips: Who vs. Whom

Nope. Whom’st and whomst’d aren’t really words, but they are a good way to get a chuckle. Often, people think “whom” is a snooty, pretentious word that is some academic form of “who.” Well, it’s not; it’s actually a necessary word and used differently than “who.”

You can impress your colleagues when you use them correctly! Here’s how:

  • Use “who” to refer to the subject of the sentence.
  • Use “whom” to refer to the object of a verb or preposition.

See, there we go again, we need to know our parts of speech and how they function in the sentence in order to select the correct word. If you’re old enough, you might remember when they taught grammar in second grade and we had to diagram sentences (shudder).

sentence diagram

And, here’s a little cheat sheet! If you can substitute he/she for the word, use “who.” If you can substitute him/her for the word, use “whom.”

1 Egzanp

  • Who or whom wrote the novel?
  • He/she wrote the novel, not him/her wrote the novel.
  • Correct answer: Who wrote the novel?

2 Egzanp

  • Who/whom should I go with?
  • Should I go with him, not should I go with he?
  • Correct answer: Whom should I go with?

3 Egzanp

  • We wondered who/whom she was talking about.
  • She was talking about him, not she was talking about he.
  • Correct answer: Whom was she talking about?

Antre nan Oktòb 2017 HGR a "devine kisa li se" Facebook konkou

Oktòb HGR devine ki sa li se Facebook konkou

Tèt nan paj Facebook nou yo devine kisa moso nan ekipman oswa machin se foto. Pou patisipe ou dwe satisfè twa kritè sa yo: tankou paj Facebook nou an, pataje post la, epi ajoute devine ou nan seksyon an kòmantè. Moun ki devine kòrèkteman ak satisfè kritè sa yo pral antre nan yon desen o aza yo resevwa yon gratis HGR T-shirt oswa lòt atik fre.

Klike souisit la antre nan devine ou sou paj Facebook nou an pa 11: 59 pm nan Vandredi, Okt. 20, 2017. Yon gayan pral trase e te anonse semèn sa a.

HGR’s last cookout of 2017

cookout hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill

Every Wednesday, HGR offers its customers free lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. In the summer, it’s a cookout. This year we did it differently. Instead of hot dogs and hamburgers, we had grilled Italian sausage with grilled onions and peppers and hamburgers with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and chips. We even have relish, mustard, ketchup and mayo. If you love the cookout, get it while it’s hot. If you’ve never tried it, this week, Oct. 11, is your last chance until next year when the weather breaks. On Oct. 18, we switch to pizza during the colder months.

people taking pizza from a box

Ki tandans nòmal manifaktirè Ohio ka espere wè nan pwochen ane a?

MAGNET State of Manufacturing 2017 held at HGR Industrial Surplus

(Courtesy of Guest Blogger Liz Fox, senior marketing associate, MAGNET: Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network)

Will the manufacturing industry keep growing at a healthy pace in 2018? How will government regulations and new legislation affect the industry? How will Northeast Ohio manufacturers take advantage of opportunities and face challenges in the new year? 

Find out at MAGNET’s 2017 State of Manufacturing event on Nov. 10!

Held at HGR Industrial Surplus in Euclid, this event will highlight successes in local manufacturing and address the sector’s fiscal and technological future. Following a networking breakfast, the morning will be full of insights on valuable manufacturing topics, including OSHA regulations, Industry 5.0, capital equipment, and more.

Following the event, HGR representatives will offer tours of their 500,000-square-foot showroom and newly renovated offices filled with furniture made by their customers, some of the area’s premier furniture designers.

Stay ahead of the competition by joining us at the third-annual State of Manufacturing event, and uncover economic trends that will affect your business in 2018.

Details and registration here: http://bit.ly/stateofmfg2018

For more information, contact MAGNET’s Linda Barita at 216.391.7766 or shoot us an email. Alternatively, keep up with the latest MAGNET news by following us on Twitter.


Machin ak odyo montre fen semèn sa a nan HGR Endistriyèl sipli


subwoofer Resilient Sounds


blue mustang for HGR car and audio show

Stop by HGRXCHARXs back parking lot on Sunday, Oct. 8 from 12-5 p.m. to find out. There will be about 100 classic, muscle and sports cars on the property for Resilient SoundXCHARXs community car and audio show. This showXCHARXs for anyone interested in car audio. You can bring your vehicle and turn up your sound system and play it freely. There will be prizes for Best of Show and sound. There will be food trucks available.

For more information, contact Robbie at Resilient Sounds: 440-725-2458 or info@resilientsounds.com.

Chanm Euklid nan Koneksyon Kafe Komès ki te fèt nan HGR Endistriyèl sipli

Euclid Chamber of Commerce Coffee Connections HGR Industrial Surplus

Euclid Chamber of Commerce Coffee Connection HGR Industrial Surplus coffee and pastryOn Oct. 3, approximately 25 members of The Euclid Chamber of Commerce and the business community visited HGR Industrial Surplus for an hour to mingle, network, take a tour of the facility and learn more about HGR while enjoying coffee and pastry catered by Manhattan Deli. Attendees included the City of Euclid police chief, City of Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer-Gail, radio celebrity Mark XCHARXMunchXCHARX Bishop, the executive director of Shore Cultural Center, and many others.

On their tour, they learned of HGR’s vann piblik of one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture by 44 Steel and Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words to benefit hurricane relief.


hurrican relief auction furniture HGR Industrial Surplus 44 Steel Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words

Ki kalite anplwayè se HGR? Pwen Enpòtan achtè ak Doug Francis

HGR Buyer Doug Francis

Lè ou te kòmanse ak HGR e poukisa?

Feb. 28, 2011. At the time it sounded like a challenging position where I could use my education and sales experience to meet with large manufacturing firms to purchase their surplus equipment. Six years later, it’s still challenging, and I enjoy the people I work with tremendously. I plan on being with HGR for the duration.

Ki sa ki se teritwa ou, ak sa ou fè sou yon baz chak jou?

I cover most of Wisconsin and Cook, Boon, McHenry, and Lake Counties in Illinois. I contact customers to arrange times to look at their surplus equipment, follow up on offers and buy deals!

What do you like most about your job? 

Best part about this job is that it’s different every day. The process of setting up meetings, getting out offers and buying deals is consistent, but there’s never the same deal twice. Keeps me sharp.

Ki sa ki nan pi gran defi ou a?

My greatest challenge is the ongoing and always-changing needs of our customers.

Ki sa ki nan moman sa ki pi enteresan ou a HGR?

Most of the buyers’ meetings have interesting moments. Too many interesting moments to pick the most interesting. It’s a good deal to get together with coworkers/friends and be around the other buyers who are experiencing the same day-to-day activities.

Ki sa ou renmen fè lè ou pa ap travay?

I enjoy being outside and most water-related activities with friends and family. Wisconsin has outdoor activities for every season; so, I’m thankful for where I live.

Ki moun ki se ewo ou a oswa pi gran enfliyans / enspirasyon, e poukisa?

I’m not a hero worshipper. I’m influenced by successful people every day and try to emulate things that make them successful. My inspiration is self-improvement; there’s always room to get better with everything.

Anything you’d like to add?

I’m glad I work with such a good group of lads in the Buy Department. Every time we meet in Cleveland, I’m reminded what a great team of people work for HGR with the same goals as my own.

Hurricane-victim relief auction goes LIVE

44 Steel biwo
Biwo Jason Radcliffe nan 44 Steel
Wouj pousyè & Lòt 4 lèt mo lanp tab
Tab lanp pa Larry Fielder nan rouye, pousyè tè & Lòt 4 lèt mo
3 Barn Doors table for HGR Industrial Surplus hurricane-relief auction
Table by Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors


You can own a one-of-a-kind piece of handcrafted furniture by one of Cleveland’s premier contemporary-furniture designers AND help hurricane victims at the same time.

You can reach the auction from a button on our home page at hgrinc.com or go directly to the landing page isit la to read about the arts organization that will benefit from the auctions. To learn more about 44 Steel’s desk, click isit la. For info about Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words’ lamp table, click isit la. For info about 3 Barn Doors, click isit la.

Help hurricane victims recover, and gain a conversation piece for your home or office.

HGR sponsors NKPHTS 2017 Convention luncheon

HGR sponsorship of Nickel Plate Road HIstorical Society luncheon at English Oak Room Tower City

From Sept. 28-30, Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society held its annual convention, which included presentations and tours, in Cleveland, Ohio, for the first time since 1996 at Holiday Inn Cleveland – South Independence.

lobby of English Oak Room Tower CityOn Sept. 29, it held its luncheon, sponsored by HGR Industrial Surplus, at the opulent English Oak Room located in the former Cleveland Union Terminal, now known as Tower City Center. The room is so named because the developers of the rapid transit line and the Public Square station, the Van Sweringen Brothers, imported oak paneling made from the trees in England’s Sherwood Forest. Forest City, the Tower’s current owner, preserved the room by repairing the overhead roads that were leaking down into Cleveland Union Terminal.

Chuck Klein Nickel Plate Road HIstorical Society English Oak Room Tower CityChuck Klein, 2017 NKPHTS National Convention chairman, gave an interesting presentation, “Chicago World’s Fair to Cleveland Public Square,” about the history of downtown Cleveland seen through the lens of the railroads. He showed photos of downtown before, during and after development as the construction took place from 1927-1930. One amazing statistic is that 2.4 million cubic yards of material were removed for the excavation.

HGR Industrial Surplus is a member of NKPHTS and supports the organization due to its facility in Euclid, Ohio, being on the former Nickel Plate Road and housed inside “Nickel Plate Station.”

Nickel Plate Road Historical Society luncheon at English Oak Room Tower City

Mèb yon sèl-a-yon kalite mèb pa konsèpteur lokal yo dwe launcher pou soulajman siklòn

These Cleveland-area industrial/contemporary furniture designers (Jason Radcliffe, 44 Steel; Larry Fielder, Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words; and Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors) visited HGR Industrial Surplus to find inspiration for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture to be built live during Ingenuity Fest, Sept. 22-24, 2017.

Moso yo yo nan ekspozisyon nan HGR Endistriyèl sipli, 20001 Euclid Ave., epi yo pral launcher pa HGR ak tout montan ale nan ede yon òganizasyon atistik nan zòn nan Houston rekonstriksyon ak ofri pwogram nan a konsekans Siklòn Harvey.

Yon foto di mo 1,000. Isit la yo se "anvan an" ak "apre" foto ki montre atik yo chwazi nan envantè HGR a ak bay konsèpteur yo. "Apre" foto yo montre moso yo fini nan ekspozisyon nan biwo HGR a ak ki jan sa yo konsèpteur te pran sipli endistriyèl ak repurposed l 'nan yon objè fonksyonèl pou kay oswa biwo itilize.


44 Steel erab workbench
44 Steel: Maple-ki gen antèt workbench
44 Steel pozisyonè
44 Steel: De pozisyone
Pousyè Pousyè & Lòt 4-lèt Mo magazin dispenser
Wouj, pousyè tè & Lòt 4 lèt mo: dispozitif magazin
Pousyè Pousyè & Lòt 4-lèt Mo Mixer
Wouj, pousyè tè & lòt mo 4 lèt: Panneau
Wouj pousyè ak lòt mo 4-lèt kle
Wouj, pousyè tè & lòt mo 4 lèt: kle
Foot Shear purchased by Three Barn Doors for use in HGR Industrial Surplus hurricane relief auction
Twa Pòt Barn: Cheve pye


44 Steel biwo
Biwo Jason Radcliffe nan 44 Steel


Wouj pousyè & Lòt 4 lèt mo lanp tab
Tab lanp pa Larry Fielder nan rouye, pousyè tè & Lòt 4 lèt mo
3 Barn Doors table for HGR Industrial Surplus hurricane-relief auction
Table by Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors


Jason Radcliffe nan 44 Steel
Jason Radcliffe nan 44 Steel
Larry Fielder nan Ris, Pousyè & Lòt 4 lèt mo
Larry Fielder nan Ris, Pousyè & Lòt 4 lèt mo
Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors
Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors

If you are interested in bidding on any of these pieces, from Oct. 4-13, 2017, you can click a button from our Paj douvan to see more information on each item and designer then place your bid. Winning bidders will be required to pick up the item from HGR or pay actual shipping cost.


HGR sipòte IngenuityFest 2017 ak efò siklòn yo

Ap viv papiyon nan Dome Papiyon nan IngenuityFest 2017

(Koutwazi Guest Blogger Dale Kiefer, jounalis endependan)

HGR se te yon Sponsor Showcase pou 13 lath-Jeneral IngenuityFest ki te fèt pandan fen semèn nan Sept. 22-24. Evènman an te fèt nan kolaboratif Hamilton pou dezyèm ane a. Sit sa a, ansyen li te ye tankou Osborn Endistriyèl Complex la, se nan katye a Clair-Superior nan Cleveland. IngenuityFest se yon selebrasyon nan fen semèn nan ki vize bay yon fowòm pou atis ak antreprenè yo pataje kreyasyon yo ak innovations yo ak manm nan piblik la tout pandan y ap ankouraje yon sans fò nan kominote a.

Gè papiyon nan IngenuityFest 2017Tèm nan pou IngenuityFest ane sa a te "metamòfoz". Te gen reprezantasyon vizib nan sa a nan fòm nan papiyon jeyan konstwi pa atis soti nan medya divès kalite, menm jan tou papiyon aktyèl te pote nan pou plezi a nan patisipan pa yon òganizasyon ki rele Papiyon Dome a Eksperyans. Men, lide a nan metamòfoz ale pi lwen jis siyifikasyon nan byolojik nan pawòl Bondye a. Pidevan nan tèt li te yon senbòl nan transfòmasyon sa a.

Osborn Endistriyèl Complex la yon fwa loje pi gwo manifakti nan mond lan nan bwòs endistriyèl, men etablisman an te fèmen nan 2004 apre Osborn Konpayi fabrikasyon an te achte soti. Nouvo biznis tankou Soulcraft Woodshop, Inc, Skidmark Vant pou Debarase ak Pòt Barn yo te fèk deplase nan transfòme sit la nan yon espas kolaborasyon kote lokatè yo nouvo ka pataje resous ak lide.

Lè ou konsidere sa, li apwopriye pou HGR pou sipòte IngenuityFest. Bilding lan ki kay HGR te yon fwa te yon sant fabrikasyon, premye pou pati avyon pandan Dezyèm Gè Mondyal la, e pita pou pwodiksyon an nan kò oto pou General Motors. Nan ka sa a, HGR, yon sèl chofè metamòfoz, te ede Usher nan yon lòt.

Angajman HGR pou revitalizasyon ak kominote a kontinye menm lwen. Byen bonè nan mwa sa a, HGR te òganize F * SHO a, yon evènman anyèl ki bay konsèpteur lokal yo ak mizisyen mèb yon chans prezante kreyasyon yo a piblik la. Pandan montre nan, HGR te envite òganizatè a nan evènman an, Jason Radcliffe nan 44 Steel, osi byen ke parèy navèt kay 3 Barn Pòt ak rouye, pousyè tè & lòt mo 4 lèt nan chak chwazi soti atik nan envantè HGR nan sipli endistriyèl. HGR Lè sa a, te bay bagay sa yo bòs mason yo pou yo te kapab chak fè yon moso inik nan mèb yo, ki yo te fè, ap viv, nan youn nan montre yo ouvè a patisipan yo IngenuityFest. Kreyasyon sa yo ap parèt nan biwo lavant HGR a epi yo pral vann piblik ant Oktòb 4 ak 13, ak montan yo pral benefisye yon fondasyon atistik nan Houston ki pral ede moun ki afekte nan Siklòn Harvey.Firebirds yo nan IngenuityFest 2017

Pami atraksyon lòt yo nan IngenuityFest yo te senk etap, yo chak prezante pèfòmè divès kalite - soti nan Gwoup Mizik Rock Bellydancers. Yon seksyon nan pati a deyò nan montre la tap Firebirds yo, bèt metalik ki gen innards eksplozif jan yo regardant desann nan tap asistans pandan y ap jugglers anlè flanm dife objè youn ak lòt anba yo (nan yon distans ki san danje nan odyans lan, nan kou). Te gen vandè anpil vann bijou atizanal yo, ak atis lòt ki montre travay nan medya divès kalite, soti nan desen nan eskilti metal.

Youn nan montre ki pi inik nan IngenuityFest te Pwojè Faces 1000 ki te kreye pa Artist Nelson Morris. Travay sa a, ki te de zan nan fè a, chin an tap figi 1,000 jete nan konkrè, yo chak modle sou vizaj la nan yon manm aktyèl nan kominote Nòdès Ohio la. Moun ki gen laj diferan ak orijin yo te reprezante pou montre tou de valè ak pwofondè divèsite nan rejyon nou an.

1000 Faces nan IngenuityFest 2017

Tanpri tcheke deyò epi yo òf sou mèb nan atizanal nan yon lyen isit la nan hgrinc.com.

Syndicant Cartoonist Tony Cochran, kreyatè Agnes, fè koutim gitar elektrik soti nan materyèl resikle

Tony Cochran Guitars gid viyèt

Ki lè ou te enterese nan atizay kòmanse?

Enterè mwen nan atizay te kòmanse jou a mwen kalkile ke desen te plis plezi pase matematik. Li te pwobableman tounen nan lekòl klas la. Mwen te trè bon nan li, kidonk, ou swiv lwanj la.

Ki kote ou te travay, e ki sa ou fè nan wòl karyè anvan?

Nan lekòl segondè ak nan kolèj mwen te travay nan an detay - stockrooms, loading waf. Apre Columbus College of Art & Design, mwen te resevwa yon travay nan yon konsesyonè nan yon magazen kò oto. Sa a kote mwen te rete ane 15 fofile fè travay atistik anba panno yo trimès nan machin mwen te repare. Mwen ta fè penti nan aswè yo nan sousòl la pwochen nan lesiv la lè mwen te resevwa kay nan travay. Vickie, madanm mwen, rezo ak galri ak pèseptè atizay apre jou travay li kòm yon terapis okipasyonèl. Li te ankouraje m pou pouswiv karyè atizay mwen an plen tan. Lanmò a toudenkou nan yon zanmi m 'te fè m' reyalize lavi se kout, epi mwen kite magazen kò a oto yo pouswiv mize mwen an. Nou lwe yon estidyo nan yon bilding casket fin vye granmoun, e mwen pentire ale.

 Di nou sou teren an komik ke ou fè ak ki jan li te vini sou.

Teren komik mwen se sou yon Agnes ti fi ki gen anpil ti fi. Li te kòmanse montre nan marges yo nan sketchbooks mwen jan mwen pran kouri dèyè penti m 'yo. Mwen pa janm planifye fè k ap viv mwen kòm yon desinatè syndiqués. Li te jwenn mwen. Agnes yo te leve soti vivan nan yon trelè kay ti grann li. Pi bon zanmi li se Trout. Li pibliye nan jounal nan USA, atravè lemond, ak tout lòt peyi sou entènèt la. Search "Agnes komik teren." Ou pa pral wont!

 Di nou sou gitar yo ke ou fè ak poukisa ou te vin enterese nan fè gitar.

Tony Cochran HarleycasterGitar yo te soti nan yon style mwen te ap eseye soti sou yon motosiklèt, men mwen te vle eksplore li pi lwen ak motosiklèt pran moute chanm twòp. Frè m 'te fè m' yon rezèv gita elektrik li te moute nan Buffalo, epi mwen kouri ak li. Styles elektrik-gita gen yon lou etik cho-baton yo.

Gitar mwen yo te rele steampunk, men sa a pa byen dwat. Mwen renmen yo gade fin vye granmoun. Mwen renmen yo konfonn. Mwen renmen ajoute istwa sou yo epi ede yo ansanm nan vwayaj istorik yo. Yo gen fini etranj - gizmos enpè - epi yo gitar konplètman fonksyonèl, menm jan yo ta dwe! Fonksyonèl atizay. Mwen pa pral modifye yon gita klasik. Gen twò kèk nan yo, epi yo ta dwe konsève pou jenerasyon kap vini yo jwi nan yon eta primitif.

Lè ak poukisa ou te kòmanse biznis la gita?

Nou te kòmanse biznis la gita sipleman pafè bèl madanm mwen Vickie a nan revni akòz yon batay enprevi ak kansè nan tete. Vann gitar, kreye ak kouri sou sit wèb la, k ap travay medya sosyal, ak fè tout fotografi a bèl bagay nan sa yo se yon bagay li te fè trè byen, ak favè ak gwo siksè, tout tan tout tan an rekipere sante li ak mastectomies ak chimyo. Mwen jis kreye ak bati bagay sa yo.

Ki kote ou jwenn materyèl resikle ou yo ak bwa pou gitar ou a?

Mwen jwenn palèt mekanik mwen toupatou. Vant pou Debarase, lavant rummage, Grenier, sousòl. Mwen te konnen yo voye Vickie soti nan machin nan nan stoplights chache Bits enpè nan metal soti nan bon marse la. Mwen koupe bagay yo, ordonne li, bat li ak mato, soude li, fonn li, rouye li ak asid. Materyèl yo bezwen ekzile pou anfòm gitar yo. Moun jwenn mwen bagay, voye m 'atik. Mwen se yon plastik pou etranj la. Ou lib pou ou jete yon bagay nan!

Ki moun ki achte gitar ou a?

Mwen se privilejye yo gen fanatik ak achtè nan divès talan ak dezi vizyèl. Yo renmen gitar yo, yo renmen atizay, epi ou vle posede yon bagay yon ti kras deyò nan bwat la. Mwen gen yon mache entènasyonal nan pèseptè atizay, mizisyen, pwodiktè mizik, zetwal pòp, ou non yo. Ki sa ki plezi! Kliyan nou yo se yon seksyon kwa lajè nan gita ak pèseptè atizay. Gita moun sedwi pa simagri yo séduire, rayisab nan orijinal la, apresye nan boza. Mwen sonje vante tèt mwen bay frè m 'lè Rick Springfield te achte twa epi li sèvi ak yo sou vwayaj sou kat nan kouvri CD l' yo. Frè m 'te di, "Oke, li pa vrèman yon jwè gita." Frè m' yo! Sheesh.

 Ki lòt bagay ou te fè?

Mwen ap travay sou yon lòt Harley kounye a. Mwen konvèti li nan yon trike ak mwen fè li sanble mwen te jwenn li abandone nan dezè a, yon vibran koutim 60 abandone nan tan ak eleman yo.

 Ki sa ou fè lè ou pa desen teren an oswa fè gitar?

Lòt pase tout aktivite k ap viv chak jou tankou antretyen kay, lesiv, koupe gazon, chanjman nan lwil oliv, kwit manje, vizite moun, lekti, ak repare tout bagay alantou isit la ki kraze? Anyen anko. Vickie ak mwen yo te ansanm depi nou te ane 16 fin vye granmoun ak segondè sweethearts, epi nou kontinye pase tout tan tout tan nou ka ansanm.

 Ki sa ki se filozofi pèsonèl ou?

Filozofi pèsonèl mwen se jwenn tout bagay fini. Si ou mouri, byen, w ap fini.

 Ki konsèy ou gen pou lòt atis / mizisyen?

Pran plezi, men ou ka fè pi byen pase dènye bagay ou te fè yo.

 Nenpòt bagay mwen rate ke ou te vle mansyone?

Mwen te kòmanse konplimante tout bati nouvo ak yon asanble montre atizay ki gita an yo montre sou. Gen twa eleman atizay: atizay la ekspozisyon asanble ki kanpe pou kont li tankou atizay sou miray la epi li gen mòn lan gita enkòpore nan li, gita nan tèt li, ak konbinezon an nan de la. Mwen sove yo pou yon montre sèl epi yo gen sèlman kite moun wè "tèt la ti bebe" ki gen foto ki anba a. Li te vann imedyatman nan yon gita pi gwo ak pèseptè atizay ki te wè aperçu la. Yo pral frape eyeball ou a klè deyò! Mwen ta renmen montre yo nan Cleveland. Pwolongasyon galri? Fre tavèrn? Rock Hall? Pran yon gade nan travay mwen nan www.TonyCochranGuitars.com epi kontakte m nan tony@TonyCochranGuitars.com. Pare pou yon montre?

Tony Cochran ti bebe Guitar

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